Chlorine Shortage

There’s been a lot of concern about the recent chlorine shortage, so we are going to try to answer some of the FAQ’s and put your mind at ease! 


Q: Is there really a shortage?  

A: Yes, there is a temporary shortage, but only on solid chlorine and certain shock. There are other forms of sanitizer and oxidizer that you can use to keep your pool clean, clear, and safe to use. 

Q: Will you have product(s)? 

A: As a Platinum Bioguard Dealer, we are your best bet on getting the products that you need this year. We placed a large order early in the year, and have been doing our best to stay ahead of the curve. There may still be times that we are out of stock, but our knowledgeable experts can help guide you to other products to supplement and how you can prevent problems. 

Q: How can I conserve my chlorine? 

A: Do not under dose! The key is to maintain a chlorine level between 1 – 3ppm and keep the water free of things that will tax your chlorine. Filter aids – such as Strip-Kwik, Kleen It, Sparkle Up and especially Skim-Mor filter socks, will help remove small particles that can use up your chlorine.  Keeping the water balanced is crucial! Chlorine is most effective when alkalinity, Ph, and calcium hardness are properly balanced. 

Q: What are my options? 

A: Chlorinating Liquid is an alternative sanitizer and oxidizer, but needs to be paired with Stabilizer 100 and Lo ‘N Slo. Stabilizer 100 will prevent sunlight degradation and Lo ‘N Slo will prevent a Ph drift. Mineral Springs is another option if you have the equipment. Mineral Springs is our enhanced salt water system. It ensures you have the best water quality possible while cutting down on your chemical maintenance. #winning

Let’s sum things up

Bring in a water sample and let our experts guide you. This will ensure you aren’t adding things that you shouldn’t, and are adding what you should. 

Rest assured, if we do run out of product it is only temporary. We will be getting more in and will probably get it faster than other sources. 

Don’t panic and start using brands or products that are lesser quality! This might seem like a good solution at the time, but cheaper products often have fillers and trace metals in them. This can cause more harm than good. 

Trust us, we’ve got you covered! 

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