Helpful Fall and Pre-Closing Tips

Fall Pool Closing Prep

Fall and Swimming Pool Closing Time Tips 

Summer doesn’t end officially until 9/22, but many folks think that swimming pools should be closed immediately after Labor Day.

Aqua Pros does not recommend closing until water temperatures are below 60 degrees and the leaves are ready to fall (after the first week of October).

Solid covered pools may be closed earlier as long as the water is clear, balanced, and has been adequately sanitized.

Mesh covered pools should not be closed before leaves start to fall or later (10/15).  They will most likely have green algae by springtime, perhaps even if a winter shock is applied, if they’re closed before this time.

We urge folks to delay their closing time as long as they’re willing. If the pool must be covered, we suggest not winterizing, but only covering the pool and running the pump a limited time each day until water temperatures drop below 60 degrees.

NOW is a Great Time for Solar Blankets

Solar Blankets will heat the water and keep it warm these beautiful late summer days. Solar blankets also prevent water loss due to evaporation. Preventing evaporation not only saves water, but also saves money since replacing that lost water usually requires another chemical balance after repeated water additions.

CAUTION: Chlorine levels can build up quickly and damage vinyl liners and other pool equipment when a solar/thermal blanket is in place, so reduce your chlorine addition or manufacture (saltwater pools) accordingly and monitor chlorine levels closely when using a solar blanket.

Solar Blankets do not keep dirt out of pools. Pool cleaners can be operated while solar blankets are on the pool.

BE CAREFUL if there are small children around pool and never swim while a solar blanket is on the pool.

Free Winterization with Purchase of a New SAFETY COVER Purchase a NEW swimming pool safety cover from AQUA PROS, we’ll install the cover and perform the winterization at no additional charge (purchase of installation required, chemicals not included).

SOLID Safety Covers are now available in the LITE PRO version as well as the standard solid, from our manufacturer. I’ve found that folks are very happy with these solid, covers primarily because they keep dirt and debris out and, they prevent off season algae growth. I prefer the regular mesh cover for its light weight and ease of handling. In order to maximize investment and life of the winter cover, it must be properly sized, installed and stored properly over the summer. Proper installation: Cover must fit the pool shape and dimension. Many online retailers sell rectangular shaped covers to fit pools with extensions or irregular shapes. Covers with too much overlap (2’ or more) will wear abnormally on the area exposed to patio surface. Spring tension must be adjusted properly as well. The pool water level must be no more than manufacturer’s recommendation below the cover (usually 16”-18”) for winter.

Proper pool closing is critical to the long life of your pool and pool equipment.

At Aqua Pros we think of pool closing as an annual checkup by the pool professional. If you use our professionally trained service department only once a year, have us close your pool. We have a 22 Point Pool Closing Checklist developed by Bob Davis, after over 30 years experience closing thousands of pools. Bob found 22 items common to most pools that are critical for a proper pool winterization.

Aqua Pros’ service techs are provided with a written checklist of those 22 points and are required to fill one out for each pool as proof of a proper closing. Aqua Pros’ pool closing will give you peace of mind over the harshest winter, that your pool and pool equipment will be safe from freezing.

In addition, spring opening should be a breeze when your pool’s been properly closed. Aqua Pros has 3 Levels of Pool Closings to help every pool owner get the closing that’s right for their needs. Call or email our Award Winning Service department for details or to schedule a closing. Our knowledgeable retail staff has the ability to help you do-it-yourselfers perform your own closing. If you feel good about closing your own pool, come on in to any of our four locations in Salem/Roanoke, Bedford, Lynchburg, and Madison Heights for guidance on how to make sure your pool is closed properly, suffers no winter freeze damage, and that next spring’s opening is as smooth as possible.

You’ll want to be sure and bring a water sample to have it thoroughly analyzed, and we’ll give you a complete print out detailing exactly how to treat your pool at winterization. Aqua Pros is a BioGuard Platinum Dealer and has all the fine BioGuard products to balance and protect your pool water for the winter.

Request to schedule your Pool Closing call us at 434 237 5913 or email [email protected]

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