Helpful Fall and Pre-Closing Tips

Fall Pool Closing Prep

Aqua Pros’ Fall and Pre-Pool Closing Tips  

As summer begins to wind down and the bather load in your pool decreases, run your pool’s pump fewer hours a day.  We’re told that electricity is less costly later in the evening than during the day to purchase, so it might also be a good idea to run the pump in the evening/nighttime hours.
CAUTION: Those of you on skimmer chlorination (chlorine sticks or tablets in the skimmer) should be using BioGuard’s SilkGuard Complete Sticks or Tabs if you’re turning your pump off for extended periods of time.  SilkGuard Complete Sticks/Tabs are designed to only dissolve when water is moving over them.  Ordinary sticks and tablets dissolve in the presence of water whether it’s moving across the tablet/stick or not, and strong concentrations of chlorine can build up to dangerously high levels in the skimmer if the pump is not running.  This condition could result in a serious skin burn.

Smartshield & Solar Covers

Now is the time to add BioGuard’s Smart Shield to your pool water or use a Solar/thermal blanket to keep your pool’s water warm for longer seasonal enjoyment and save money!  As nighttime temperatures fall, evaporative loss occurs when pool water temperature is higher than ambient air temperature.  Lost water must be replaced and whenever enough water is added, it may become necessary to rebalance.  Bottom line: Swim longer, pay less, and enjoy your pool more.

BE CAREFUL if there are small children around pool and never swim while a solar blanket is on the pool.

*Monitor your pool’s chlorine level closely when using a Solar/thermal Blanket to prevent a high buildup of chlorine in the water.  Remember, at levels at 3ppm or greater, harm is done to a vinyl liner, and it is a waste of money keeping chlorine levels that high.

*Solar Blankets do not keep dirt out of pools. Pool cleaners can be operated while solar blankets are on the pool.

Cut Chlorine Consumption in Half!
Optimizer prevents algae growth, gives better water clarity, keeps your pool better balanced, and saves operating costs.  Think of the benefit to your pool over the winter with a great algae inhibitor in the water.  Optimizer in conjunction with any Chlorine program will reduce Chlorine consumption by as much as 50%.

Free Winterization with Purchase of a New SAFETY COVER

Purchase a NEW swimming pool safety cover from AQUA PROS, and we’ll install the cover and perform the winterization at no additional charge (purchase of installation required, chemicals not included).

Request to schedule your Pool Closing call us at 434 237 5913 option 2

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