Hearth Inserts

To choose the insert that’s just right for you, stop into any of our four displaying showrooms and discuss your needs with one of our trained professionals.

An insert can be a practical, reliable, primary or supplemental heat source for your home, cabin or work space. Inserts can be added to most existing fireplaces or built-in during new construction. Aqua Pros offers wood, pellet, and direct-vent or vent-free gas inserts.

Aqua Pros offers affordable steel inserts by Lennox, and highly efficient cast iron inserts by Vermont Castings and HearthStone. Wood burning inserts are great where wood is plentiful, and the end user is able to deal with blocks or sticks of the fuel. In the Central VA area, a cord of wood is a great value and usually can be purchased in bulk, delivered for $125-$175 per cord (4’x4’x4′). Aqua Pros wood inserts are air tight, clean burning, and energy efficient. Currently, all of our wood inserts are at least 75% efficient. As with all wood burning appliances, it is a must to use seasoned hardwood for best results.

A Pellet Insert from Aqua Pros is a clean, efficient, and reliable source of heat to your home, office, or cabin. Aqua Pros offers pellet inserts from Lennox and Enviro, both recognized as leaders in their industry.

As conventional home heating fuels continue to rise, pellet stoves and inserts are gaining in popularity. Pellets are easy to store, easy to handle, and don’t cause the mess of firewood. Pellet inserts are designed to fit most any fireplace/hearth application. The single disadvantage of a pellet stove is that they require electricity to operate the pellet auger (supplies pellet fuel from the pellet storage hopper to the fire pot).

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From our four showrooms, Aqua Pros offers a variety of wood, gas or pellet fireplace inserts


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