Build Your Own Pool

A well planned, properly installed pool will be easy to maintain and affordable to own. Additionally, in the event one wishes to sell their home, a properly installed, well maintained pool, in good working order should not hurt your home’s appeal in the event you wish to sell

If you want to build your own pool

Bob Davis has nearly perfected vinyl inground pool construction since he started Aqua Pros in 1984, and he can help make your DIY pool project a success. Aqua Pros will be glad to assist you in planning and building your own inground pool.

Below is a List of Necessities for Doing an Inground Vinyl Lined Pool:

Building Permit
Layout and normal excavation by back hoe, track hoe, loader, (Rock, ground water, excessive dirt removal/dirt addition, and certain other conditions can influence the ease and cost of putting in a pool)
Pool Kit including :Wall Panels, Braces, Hardware, Walk-in Stairs
Rail Goods including: Pool ladder, Stair handrail, Escutcheons, and Anchors(brass recommended)
Maintenance equipment including: telescopic pole, skim vac, vacuum hose, vacuum head, wall brush, leaf net, leaf rake, thermometer, ring buoy, and test kit
High volume pool pump
Filter: Hi Capacity Sand, Cartridge, or Diatomaceous Earth
Dual main drains (VGB Approved), Skimmer(2 on pools 800 sq. ft. or larger)
PVC plumbing. Specify 11/2″ or 2″ . Glue and Primer
Premixed Vermiculite / Cement for Pool Bottom or other material
Wrenches, Shovels, Various other construction hand tools are required to assist excavator and shape pool interior
Our Precision Fit Vinyl Liners Contain:

Vinyzene microbial retardant to help resist algae and fungi growth
Sun shield ultraviolet ray inhibitor to provide maximum protection from the sun’s damaging rays
Weatherwize all-climate stabilizer for added durability to help the liner withstand extreme year around weather conditions
20-Year Warranty (The first 3-Year Full)

Interested in Finding Out More

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