Marquis Hot Tubs

In 1989 Bob Davis, the owner/founder of Aqua Pros in his quest for hot tub excellence, found Marquis Spas.  Bob had been marketing his own hot tubs since 1985 and found Aqua Pros in the position of needing another hot tub company to for Aqua Pros.  After a long search, Bob chose Marquis because of their reliability, simplicity, ease of maintenance, and value.  Since then, Aqua Pros has been an exclusive dealer for American made Marquis Spas. 

In 1989, Marquis was a small company and offered four or five models to choose from.  Today, Marquis is proudly an employee owned company, based in Independence, Oregon that sells internationally as well as having a strong dealer network here in the U.S.A..  As technology changed and hot tubs grew in popularity, Marquis continued in innovation and today, Marquis offers five series of models to choose from, because not everyone wants the same design, features, and budget in their spa.

Aqua Pros’ Marquis Hot Tubs include our saltwater system for your convenience and comfort, and its so simple to use!  Aqua Pros’ Saltwater hot tub system makes your hot tub water softer and easier on your skin, and there’s no expensive equipment to maintain or fail.

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Aqua Pros selection of used spas varies as we will only offer reliable used spas in good condition from our stores. Before we offer them for sale, we go over them for quality assurance and we then, price them to sell.

Models Available At Our Stores

The Signature Series

  • A hot tub by Marquis is pure relaxation, connection and therapy - everything you need in one powerful, gorgeous portable hot tub package! It will bring you years of enjoyment and enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being. If you are an athlete, have sore muscles, want to relax, sleep better or are just seeking escape from the daily grind, you owe yourself the ultimate hot tub experience by Marquis.
  • The Show - 5 person hot tub 82 jets
  • The Epic - 5 person hot tubs 65 jets
  • The Euphoria - 7 person hot tub 58 jets
  • The Wish - 5 person hot tub 50 jets
  • The Promise - 6 person hot tub 46/48 jets
  • The Reward - 6 person hot tub 58 jets
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Vector Hot Tubs

  • Step aboard the vessels of the 21st century… Vector21 hot tubs are engineering's finest triumph with optimized flow technology and innovative personalized controls.  Combined with Marquis' proven and superior water management system, hot tub performance travels to completely new destinations. Vector21 portable hot tubs are strikingly edgy and excitingly bold in their appearance…sure to make a statement in your environment for years to come. Visit your local dealers showroom and get a sneak peek at the 2017 Vector21 special preview.
  • V94 - 8 person hot tub 41 jets
  • V94L - 7 person hot tub 45 jets
  • V84 - 6 person hot tub 37 jets
  • V84L - 5 person hot tub 36 jets
  • V77L - 6 person hot tub 27 jets
  • V65L - 4 person hot tub 22 jets
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E-series Hot Tubs Models

  • Climb into the next generation of ergonomically calibrated seating and hydrotherapy systems engineering. The e-Series™ ride delivers hot tub performance for health, shared fun, or personal escape…all built for enjoyment with Marquis systems technology and the most affordable values.
  • The 750 - 7 person hot tub 50 jets
  • The 660 - 6 person hot tub 60 jets
  • The 545 - 6 person hot tub 45 jets
  • The 524 - 5 person hot tub 24 jets
  • The 435 - 4 person hot tub 35 jets
  • The 425 - 4 person hot tub 25 jets
  • The 322 - 3 person hot tub 22 jets
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Celebrity Hot Tubs Models

  • The Vegas - 7 person hot tub 50 jets
  • The Hollywood - 6 person hot tub 45 jets
  • The Broadway - 4 person hot tub 28 jets
  • The Napa - 4 person hot tub 28 jets
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