Vinyl Lined Inground Pools

At Aqua Pros, the goal for our construction department is to build the highest quality, easiest to own pool, in the shortest time possible, at an affordable cost.

For maximum strength and long term durability, I recommend our steel wall structure. Steel is the material of choice when the need is for strength at an affordable cost. Many folks are concerned about potential for corrosion with steel structured pools and my answer to that is “will you be happy if your pool lasts 40 years”? I became sold on hot dipped, steel wall, vinyl liner pools in 1989. I replaced liners in two steel wall pools from the same manufacturer, that were put in the same year (13 years prior) and neither pool had a spec of rust on them, anywhere. I immediately picked up the dealership for the line and it’s been my pool of choice since. Not long after I started putting in that line, they added 40% more zinc galvanizing, which I thought was unnecessary. I’ve done extensive research on protecting steel from corrosion since then and, I’m more convinced than ever, that if you’re putting in a vinyl lined pool, my steel walled, pool with G-235 Galvanizing is the best pool for long term durability in your backyard.

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If you talk to 5 different pool contractors, you’ll probably get 5 different methods for installing a vinyl lined inground swimming pool. I’ve got my method and I believe it best utilizes the strength of my materials and, my sequence gives our clients the quickest completion time without cutting corners. Under normal circumstances, if we start your vinyl inground pool on a Monday, we can have you swimming the following Wednesday – that includes a broom finished concrete patio. We do many different patio types, including stamped concrete, and if you choose something like that it may take a day or two longer.

Chemical costs associated with vinyl lined inground pools (and fiberglass inground pools) are much lower than those of plaster finished concrete/gunite inground pools. That’s because Vinyl Liners (and gel coat finishes on fiberglass pools) are non-porous. Vinyl Liners are soft to the touch, compared to some pool interior finishes, and there is no irritation to feet and elbows as in concrete pools. For more information on liners, go to my page on factors that determine vinyl liner life. Of course, a vinyl liner can be cut or torn so we recommend not swimming with knives or sharp objects.

If you explore my gallery, you’ll see various shaped vinyl lined pools. We have a long list of options available for our vinyl lined pools and are glad to cover them when you come seeking information.

People often think vinyl lined inground pools are limited by shape or design, but that’s not true. I always say “if you can draw it, we can build it.” In some cases of unusual designs, a vinyl lined inground pool may be as costly to build as a gunite pool, but rarely is that true. We can have spill over hot tubs and waterfalls just as with custom gunite. The downside with vinyl lined pools in these cases is that its not really possible to match the hot tub with the pool liner as with custom gunite.

I could go on further in more detail, but I’ll stop here and ask that if you’re interested in learning more about our pools and different types, let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

We actually have folks come into our stores looking for homes where we’ve put pools in!

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