Hot Tubs Service

Spa and Hot Tubs
Services and Repairs


  • Shell Repair
  • Acrylic Repair
  • Control System Repair
  • Filters
  • Opening/Closing
  • Heaters
  • Plumbing
  • Automatic Treatment System
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • System Design
  • Spa Covers

To prevent cross contamination of pools, we use our customer's vacuums, hoses, brushes, etc. If necessary, we will replace with stock from our vehicles. Excessive debris or water on solid covers requiring more than 30 minutes, clean up (of the cover) will be billed at the current 2-man hourly rate. Equipment needing repair or replacement will be charged and added to the above costs. If we see unusual equipment problems, we will call from the job. If unable to get authorization, we may be forced to leave the job incomplete. Pools at opening normally require chemicals. These chemicals typically include shock, sanitizer, algaecide, balancers (ph, Alkalinity, hardness, stabilizer), accessory chemicals (clarifiers, filter cleaners, scale inhibitors, enzymatic degreasers, etc). Failure to add the proper chemicals can, in some cases, be harmful to the pool surface and equipment. Additionally, pool sanitation and algae inhibition must be addressed at opening. AquaPros service techs will not treat your pool chemically without authorization. Cases where pools are unusually dirty or algae filled can require daily treatment for clean up. We encourage clients to bring frequent (daily) water samples to our store for free computerized water analysis and proper recommendations to expedite pool clean up.

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