Preventing Biofilm Buildup in Hot Tubs

What is Biofilm and where’s it come from? 

Preventing biofilm buildup in hot tubs is one of the primary keys to water quality, equipment longevity, and bather safety and comfort.

According to the BioFilms: The Hypertextbook

“A biofilm is composed of living, reproducing microorganisms, such as bacteria, that exist as a colony, or community. In other words, biofilms are alive and have a complex social structure that scientists and engineers are still trying to unravel, a structure that both protects them and allows them to grow.” Alfred B. Cunningham, John E. Lennox, and Rockford J. Ross

Biofilm is yucky stuff to say the least, and sanitizer alone is not enough to penetrate it. Dead skin cells, body oils, cosmetics, sweat, (need I go on?) and other organic contaminants all contribute to the growth of biofilm (EWWWW!). I’m sure at this point you can see why preventing biofilm buildup is crucial! Proper hot tub care and chemical maintenance is the best way to do so. Poor water maintenance – not enough sanitizer, lack of regular and consistent sanitizer, or improper use of chemicals – as well as dirty filters (older than 12 – 24 months), and heavy hot tub use (enter, cosmetics and other contaminants brought into the water after a long night of hot tubbin’) can all contribute to biofilm growth. 

Will biofilm hurt me or my hot tub?

Preventing biofilm buildup in hot tubs is also critical for bather’s health. According to, ” biofilms can harbor human pathogens that are difficult to kill.” It is present in all water environments, but hot tubs being HOT, and having potentially 100 plus feet of pipelines, create the perfect breeding grounds for Biofilm buildup. Did you know that 2 people in a 350-gallon hot tub is the same as 200 people in a 35,000-gallon swimming pool? Overtime, biofilm builds up and can cause all kinds of water quality issues, such as: high sanitizer demand, corrosion of equipment and clogged pipes, unstable ph levels – biofilm can trigger acidity (low ph) and therefore cause corrosion, water mold, pink slime, and black algae. This is only some of the havoc that biofilm can wreak on a hot tub! Not to mention bather discomfort, including skin and eye irritation, breathing problems, odors, and waterborne illness. According to the CDC, biofilm causes 65% of waterborne illness.

Biofilm “colonies” love the dark, low-circulation areas, like plumbing lines and filter housings when the pump isn’t running. It clings to the surfaces of plumbing, hides in and behind jet facings, and any crevice-like area that it can, to hide from sanitizer. Biofilm is like the boogeyman in your hot tub, waiting to attack when the opportunity presents itself.

How do I prevent biofilm growth in my hot tub?

This is where the use of AquaFinesse® comes in. AquaFinesse® is a weekly addition to your hot tub water. Simply shake the jug and pour the liquid solution into the hot tub water and voila. With the weekly addition of AquaFinesse®, water quality is improved, and sanitizer demand is decreased. According to several scientific studies, 99% of bacteria lives in the biofilm and not in the water itself. AquaFinesse® addresses the living environment of bacteria, instead of killing bacteria. According to their website, “The AquaFinesse pioneering water treatment formula was produced to loosen the biofilm and prevent its re-growth.” 99% of bacteria is resistant to sanitizer alone. “By using AquaFinesse , the culture medium, or living and feeding environment for bacteria is reduced, thereby reducing the need for water maintenance products such as chloride. AquaFinesse remains one step ahead of the bacteria, by focusing on the core of the problem. Its preventive properties are found to block the re-growth and multiplication of bacteria.” AquaFinesse Benefits

Benefits of AquaFinesse® Solution

AquaFinesse® is “environmentally friendly, safe for your health and gentle on the skin.” The great thing about AquaFinesse® is that it is so easy to use. It is a liquid solution that contains natural salts and minerals. Simply shake the jug and add the correct dose for your hot tub once a week. Now, don’t take all this to mean that you no longer need to use sanitizer or oxidizer. As amazing as it is, AquaFinesse® does not replace your sanitizer, but it does reduce how much you use. The salts and minerals in AquaFinesse® improves the water quality and softens the feel of the water. Along with preventing biofilm buildup, it also helps to protect the hot tub jets, surface, and equipment by protecting it against scale and corrosion. Did we mention it also smells great? Yep, with the addition of organic French Lavender to optimize your soaking experience. Your hot tub water will look, feel, and smell better than any other tub you (or your friends and family) have ever soaked in. 

Simply put, AquaFinesse®:

  • Saves precious time in maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves a fresh scent and softens the skin
  • Reduces the chloride content in the water
  • Protects you and your luxury investment
  • Environmentally friendly water treatment
  • You and your children can bathe safely
  • Dermatologically tested, gentle to sensitive skin
  • Optimizes your spa experience


As one of the largest luxury hot tub dealers on the East Coast, water quality and bather safety are our biggest priorities. You can find all Aqua Pros locations stocked with AquaFinesse®. 

P.S. – Ask us about the AquaFinesse® Dead Sea Experience for next level therapeutic skin benefits. 

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