Spring Sale – Pool Chemicals & Supplies!


Aqua Pros Annual Pre-Season Sale Is on Now!

The Aqua Pros Advantage – Save Money: As the area’s largest BioGuard Platinum Pool and Spa chemical retailer, Aqua Pros has the advantage to get you the best value for all your BioGuard pool and spa chemicals. Aqua Pros’ customers appreciate our experienced, highly trained professionals testing their pool or spa water and the free print out that clearly details how to treat their pool or spa, for the best possible results. Now through 02/28, Save 20% when you purchase your season’s chemicals for your in or above ground swimming pool! After that, save 15% the whole month of March, on your season’s chemicals, and then 10% through April 15th!

Even if you don’t open your pool immediately, by purchasing your season’s chemicals early, you’ll also save when you do open. Aqua Pros extends the same discount to all your pool chemical needs, and more, at your opening. After you open and before you add anything to your pool, bring us a sample of your pool water and get the same discount off all your pool care needs and other selected retail items at Aqua Pros! If you only need balancers then save on balancers. If your pool’s a swamp, get up to 15% off everything to clear it up. Either way, you win with this “pool opening insurance” and that is truly an Aqua Pros’ Advantage! Aqua Pros’ Trained Technicians take the guesswork out of pool care and save you money and time.

Aqua Pros’ Algae Free Guarantee

Eligibility: Purchase your Season’s Chemicals of a BioGuard 3 Step Chlorine Program, including Optimizer and/or Pool Complete, or for those using BioGuard’s enhanced saltwater pool care program, called Mineral Springs. Not only will you save up to 20% on your season’s chemicals and spring start-up chemicals, but you qualify for our Algae Free Guarantee. If your pool gets algae in-season, we’ll give you a FREE algae treatment! *Requires by weekly water analysis at your nearest Aqua Pros.

$100 DOLLAR Reward: If you’re a Season’s Chemical Customer, when you refer a friend to buy their Season’s Chemicals from us or have us open their pool, you’ll get a $100 Store Credit (offer applies only to an Aqua Pros Season’s Chemical or regular customer)!

Save on Robotic Pool Cleaners! The Dolphin M-400 robotic cleaner is getting rave reviews from owners because it saves time and money. Save time when the cleaner is vacuuming and sweeping your pool for you. Save money because the M-400 not only scrubs your pool surface, the debris it vacuums is captured inside its internal filter, instead of your pool’s filter, which would then have to be backwashed or cleaned. Getting debris out of your pool and filter saves chemicals = saves money.

Helpful Reminders from the Pros

Mid-Winter Pool Treatment: Stop into your nearest Aqua Pros now and get a mid-winter pool treatment. Its been an unseasonably warm winter and you don’t want to open up to a swamp. We suggest treating your pool with a shock and algae treatment immediately to help prevent opening to a bad surprise.

Schedule Your Pool Opening Soon! Call, Stop in, or email us to set up your pool opening. Our service technicians are well trained and friendly. We’re like family to a lot of our customers, so give us a try and see for yourself that Aqua Pros is the source for making your pool easy and affordable to own!


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