Pool preparation for heavy rain and storms

Storm preparation for your pool

Bob Davis, President of Aqua Pros is sharing information about how you should prepare your pool in anticipation for the upcoming storm.

Preparing your pool for heavy rain fall and storms can be concerning. Read on to see the best ways to prevent any possible damage to liner’s, pumps, and the pool itself. 

Number one – do not lower your pool’s water levels.  If the water level in the ground gets higher than the water level in your swimming pool, it could cause a flotation issue.  This means that the liner could float or the pool could pop out of the ground, including fiberglass and concrete pools.


Second thing to remember is do not panic.  If the water level is so high that it is flowing onto the patio, it should not be a problem.  This is only a concern if your pool is close to your home, and there is concern for water in your basement.


In regards to the potential high winds, this would cause there to be an excess amount of limbs and leaves getting into the pool and the pump.  To prepare for that, Bob recommends turning your pump off.  Yes – this could lead to your pool turning green, but it will save you from having to do an expensive pump replacement.

If you have a mesh weather cover – you could consider going ahead putting that cover on to avoid debris from getting into the pool.  This would allow you to keep the pump on.


For our above ground pool owners – we recommend doing your best to make sure you divert water coming towards your above ground pool.

Aqua Pros wants all of our customers to stay safe during the storm, but if something should happen – please give us a call and we can help you after the storm.

God Bless!


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