Spring Pool Openings and Upgrades

Pool openings, liner replacements, pumps & filters, salt systems & more! 

Schedule Your Pool Opening Soon!

The time for spring pool openings and upgrades is here. Call, stop in, or email us to set up your pool opening. Our service technicians are well trained and friendly. We’re like family to a lot of our customers, so give us a try and see for yourself that Aqua Pros is the source for making your pool easy and affordable to own!

Aqua Pros’ 21 Point Opening Checklist is our guarantee that your pool will be opened in the most professional manner possible. Purchase your Season’s Chemicals before March 31st with a Level II Opening and save enough to pay for your opening!

Liner Replacements

If your vinyl liner is 10 years old or more, you really need to consider a liner replacement. At this age, its possible that your liner is brittle and could even be punctured by simply brushing it.

Liner Replacement Savings: Aqua Pros is extending discounts on Saltwater systems, including BioGuard Mineral Springs Systems, Pentair Pumps, Filters, Heaters and Heat pumps with the purchase of a new liner. We’ll also open your pool at no additional charge while we’re there. Get details when you order.

Saltwater Systems

If you’ve considered a Saltwater system, at liner change is the ideal time to do it! IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING SALT SYSTEMS AND ELECTROLYSIS: To prevent damage to metals in contact with the pool water such as heat exchangers, we recommend installing a sacrificial Zinc Anode with saltwater systems.

SAVE $50 on a sand change at opening

Filter sand should be changed every 5-7 years (annually on a Biguanide pool). Zeobrite is a great alternative to sand on chlorinated pools. Talk to one of our associates for details to see if Zeobrite is right for your sand filter.

Switch to a Cartridge Filter – Cartridge filters have some advantages over other types of filtration, and at Aqua Pros we start all our new pools out with a Cartridge filter.

Benefits of Cartridge Filters

Up to 3 times the flow rate of sand filters. Filter particles smaller than half the size a sand filter captures. No moving parts to wear out, no laterals to break, and no backwashing. Backwashing sand filter dumps as much as 200-300 gallons from a residential pool. Cartridge filters simply get rinsed off when they get dirty and need cleaning, unless they get unusual amounts of oil in them in which case, they’d need a degrease treatment.

When to Replace Cartridge Filters: If your cartridge filter is over two years old, and/or the element is not still white in appearance, its probably in need of replacing. If it was not cleaned last fall, degrease with Strip-Kwik and Klean-It. Always have an extra cartridge (or set) on hand for when you clean it/them. Cartridge filters must be allowed to dry after they’ve been chemically cleaned.

D.E. Filters: Always degrease any filter before cleaning scale or any mineral deposits.

Pump Replacement

If your swimming pools pump is in need of replacement this spring, ask the Aqua Pros experts about a Pentair Variable Speed Pumps. Variable speed pumps save you significantly on your pool’s energy bill!

Take15% OFF any pool cleaner with the purchase of your Season’s Chemicals

at Aqua Pros through 03/31! This is a great idea for someone that is considering weekly maintenance. With the discounted purchase of a Dolphin M-400 from Aqua Pros, it will pay for itself in the first season of use and provide years of service afterward!

Benefits of Aqua Pros’ Pool and/or Hot Tub Maintenance

Aqua Pros offers weekly/bi-weekly, and even vacation pool and/or spa maintenance. We’ll do maintenance on the schedule that best suits your needs, as long as it’s in our service area and scheduling parameters! It makes good sense to use Aqua Pros’ Professional Maintenance because, we are the Number 1 pool and hot tub service company in Central Virginia. Our schedule is filling up fast, so stop in soon for details and to sign up!

CALL NOW or ORDER ONLINE TO SCHEDULE Service or a Pool Opening. To schedule service or an opening its ok to email, but for prompt response, call us at 434 237 5913 option 2 for service or speak to your favorite sales representative.

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