Hot Tub Blowout Buyer’s Guide

Caution: “Hot Tub Blowout”

Are hot tub blowouts really a good option for a hot tub purchase? Let’s break it down. Hot tub blowouts draw a lot of attention with their promise of huge discounts and great inventory selection. We also hear from a lot of folks that they were under the impression there would be all different dealers there representing their brands. But alas, they are greeted by a guy at the door asking for their contact info and a salesman telling them that if they don’t pull the trigger now, they will all be gone. But purchasing a hot tub is a big decision for a lot of people and not always an easy one to make on the spot.

Shop your local dealers before making a decision

Shopping local is always your best bet. Not only are you supporting your local community, but you’re also always getting the best service and one-on-one support to help guide you even after your purchase. We understand that a lot of folks attend these Hot Tub Blowouts for the “great deals” offered, but what you will typically find is a smooth talking, high-pressure salesperson pushing a product that has a hugely inflated MSRP and then showing you a lower price. Before pulling the trigger, visit your local dealers and educate yourself! You might be surprised to find a better value hot tub for the same – or maybe better – pricing!
Aqua Pros has a $500 Price Match Guarantee. We guarantee that we will match or beat the price of a comparable hot tub by at least $500! 

Traveling Expos

Don’t fall victim to these traveling spa shows who will pack up and leave you with all questions and no knowledge. 
With 34 years of experience under our belt, Aqua Pros will be able to give you that peace of mind knowing that we stand behind our quality Marquis Spas. With 4 locations, Salem, Bedford, Lynchburg and Madison Heights, we are able to serve all of Central VA.
With Marquis’ owner’s protection plan, our full-service, professional and free delivery, free water testing and great local customer service. Let us show you how Marquis Spas is the Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!

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